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Programs and Courses

Get on Board

Water Familiarisation and Safety

Growing together

This program is designed for children that do not understand water safety, have experienced water trauma or have sensory sensitivities. Foundation swim skills.


Aqua Exercise and Aqua Yoga programs

Healthy mind and body

Group Aqua aerobics for ages 12+ are on offer on Thursday evenings

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Out of Pool Expressive arts

Hands-On Learning

One on One sessions with either a qualified Expressive Arts therapist or Play therapist.

These sessions are to promote communication, emotional regulation and joint play

Playing with Wooden Toys

Individual Support

One on One lessons

As one of our most popular offerings, we recommend signing up for this program as early as possible as it tends to fill up quickly.  Individual support is a 1:1 program works with the child's unique needs and skills.


Aquatic Therapy

Allied Health

This program is supported by Allied Health professionals to build physical capabilities in the water using hydro dynamics to minimize impact on the body. Hydrotherapy plans can be made in partnership with other treating therapists.


Training and Consultancy

Get on Board

Consultancy and training is offered to swim schools and therapy organisations to cater for children of all abilities

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